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NiNi Boutique's Cambodian handcrafted collection is elegantly classic and timelessly chic. Months of detailed craftsmanship is involved in the creation of each unique silver masterpiece.

NiNi boutique celebrates a tradition that involves the intricate sculpting, weaving, and engraving of silver into purses and clutches. This sophisticated form of artwork is considered a national treasure, favoured by royalty and recognized as part of Cambodia’s heritage by UNESCO. Our exclusive collection is extremely rare with only few dozens produced each year as there are only a handful of artisans in the world who are skilled in this art form.

NiNi Boutique is a symbol of uncompromising luxury with social responsibility. Inspired to both preserve a traditional art form and achieve economic empowerment for Cambodian artisans, especially women, our philosophy is to work directly with them to provide fair wages, skill development, and a sustainable livelihood.

With exceptional Asian-inspired design, NiNi purses and clutches are for those seeking a truly unique treasure.

For our limited edition line, we can personalize your purse or clutch by adding jewelry, gold or engravings to fit your standard of luxury.